Study Island is a powerful, yet simple to use, learning and teaching tool.  Estell Manor School District students have access to this Web-based program to help them prepare for the state assessments and to enhance their regular instruction.
Students have Study Island user names and passwords.  Their Study Island accounts have been created specifically for grade level, abilities, and school.

Students can access Study Island from any computer connected to the Internet.  The website is:


Study Island provides many useful tools to help you assist your child in meeting with success.  The Study Island related resources will guide you in generating and understanding personalized reports about your child’s performance in Study Island.  Study Island also helps parents/guardians understand how to assist with future learning and review efforts.
Encourage your child to utilize this important technology tool!

For technical assistance or questions about using the Study Island website, feel free to contact Study Island at 1-800-419-3191 or

If your child does not know or remember his/her user name and password, please contact your child’s teacher.